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Who We Are

        We are a group of Christian homeschool families who desire to home educate our children and also would like to have a little help.  Christian Homeschool Assistance Program (CHAP) is an organization that will partner with families to encourage, strengthen and offer help when needed.  Our membership fee is $50.00 per year per family. 

        We will have a two-day-a-week option for in-person high school  World History & Literature, science, and math classes for the low price of $400 ($500 for World History & Literature) per class (curriculum will be provided if requested). In addition, My Father's World Synergy group's (ages K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th and 6th-8th grade)  will be a weekly group meeting of children who are all using the same year of MFW curriculum.  They might do science, history/geography, Bible memory, art, music, a read-aloud of a living book from the book basket, organized game time, and speech opportunities (all from the MFW Teacher's Manual each week) - freeing up more of a momma's time at home.  Our idea is that moms would volunteer to assist the teacher for about 4 weeks and pay a small class fee of $200.  It is possible that we will have 3 groups.  We are trying to address the current needs of our members. 

         CHAP's desire is to come alongside the parents and lighten the load of full-time homeschooling parents and create a community for like-minded homeschooling families whose desire is to glorify God and make much of Him in their everyday lives.  Eventually, we would love to employ a full-time administrator to counsel and advise our members in their homeschooling endeavor.  Our goal is to become a nonprofit 501c3 corporation and grow to serve the people of Oskaloosa and beyond who are home-educating.