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Mrs. Pat Campbell To All Instructors

I have had a passion for learning since my grade school days at a one room country school in Jefferson County Iowa to my graduation from Iowa State University with a degree in Physical Education and coaching. I taught for a couple years in Ames, IA then entered the business world of real estate and insurance. That experience led me to ownership of an American Family Insurance Agency in Ames. As my agency and staff grew, I was able to step away from my office periodically to teach insurance pre-licensing and continuing education for the State of Iowa, Insurance Division in Des Moines for 17 years. I taught new agents what they needed to know to obtain their insurance licenses, and career agents what they needed to know to keep their licenses.

When I retired from my agency in Ames, I moved to Oskaloosa to be near my grandchildren and immediately went back to elementary school….as a volunteer in their classrooms. That experience compelled me to become a Substitute Teacher in the Oskaloosa School District in 2011 (K thru 12) and I continue in that position today.

Now, for the part that REALLY matters. I have had for many years a passion for God’s Word, The Holy Scriptures, God’s autobiography. Add to that my passion for learning, and you can understand that I’ve been intensely studying God’s word for over 30 years. At my church in Ames I took Lay Training in speaking, teaching and evangelizing. I’ve always believed that the best way to learn is to teach. I have learned and grown as I’ve taught adult Sunday School, Small Groups, Women’s Bible Studies, and spoke at seminars and retreats. My challenge, my blessing! Thank you, Lord.

I am so excited to be on the faculty of CHAP, to get to know the students and their parents. This assignment will be the focus my activities, my priority, because I want to be a part of teaching the students; for their futures, for the future of the Church, and for the GLORY OF GOD!

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